Articles & Papers

Here are a list of articles and papers on tribology that have been written by Neale Consulting Engineers.

Piston Ring Design and Operation

This page is intended to help designers and development engineers with the solution of practical problems, involving the pistons and rings of internal combustion engines. It represents a distillation of the contents of about 100 reports and articles which contain useful data, but have probably not been read by many engineers in industry.

Flexible Couplings

This page gives detailed information on the design and operation of flexible couplings for high-power machine drives. It might be expected that when one machine is required to drive another, the two shafts should be coupled together rigidly and precisely. However, precise alignment is difficult to achieve. Also, the alignment can vary between the...

Pages From The Tribology Handbook

We are delighted to be able to offer for download and use the following key pages from The Tribology Handbook. These pages cover rolling element and plain bearing failure analysis, bearing material and lubrication selection. These pages have been re-printed here with the kind permission of Elsevier Publishing.

Solving Gearbox & Gear Problems

Gears and gearboxes are generally robust and reliable devices. However, problems do occur, and many are caused by unforeseen system interactions or consequences of the mode of operation, rather than gear faults per se.

Conveyor Chain Wear

Stephen Maw reports on the use of some very practical solutions to reduce chain wear problems encountered at a parcel handling and sorting facility