This article summaries some of the problems we have solved relating to machinery failures within the manufacturing industry.

Textile Machinery Failures

A manufacturer of textile machinery required assistance in up-rating machine designs to run at higher speeds.

Guidance was given in redesigning the bearings and various sliding components, and also new improved linkage mechanisms were devised. The work resulted in substantial improvements to performance and reliability.

Forging Press Clutch and Brake Failures

A 1300 tonne forging press was experiencing repeated failures of the clutch and brake assemblies. We investigated the causes of unreliability which included an assessment of the press design, clutch plate material examination and subsequent repair activities that had been conducted.

The investigation clarified the causes of failure of the clutch and established that there were material defects present in the original clutch plates. These defects had been resolved and the press was fit for purpose and further service.

Fluid Coupling Manufacturer Product Strategy

A manufacturer of fluid couplings requested Neale Consulting Engineers to assess the performance of their products in relation to competitive devices.

We conducted a broad ranging study including all kinds of variable speed drives and soft-start devices. The survey findings were used to help devise the company’s future product strategies.