Mechanical Handling

Here we look at projects undertaken within the Mechanical Handling Industry.

Coal Washing & Handling Plant

A UK company supplied coal washing and handling plant to a coal mine in Turkey. The equipment was unreliable in service and was restricting the supply of coal to the national power generation company.

Neale Consulting Engineers visited the site to assess the operating conditions of the plant and the standard of local maintenance activity. They also analysed the design of the equipment to assess the fitness for purpose of the machinery. They then took an active part in the subsequent arbitration.

Belt Conveyor Severe Vibration

The drive system on a belt conveyor was suffering from severe and intermittent vibration, leading to gearbox bearing problems. Balancing and re-alignment of components had been tried, but gave only temporary improvements.

Our analysis showed that due to the mass of the fluid coupling and brake drum, the gearbox shaft was operating close to its lateral critical speed. Changing to a different coupling with an internal support bearing raised the critical speed and cured the vibration problem.

Design of a Novel Free-Wheel (One-Way Clutch)

A novel free-wheel was devised and patented. Evaluation suggested that it would have advantages for many industrial applications and also for bicycles, so a programme of detailed design and development testing was started. Prototypes all proved to be successful.

Skip Winch Gears Premature Pitting

A blast furnace skip winch was suffering premature pitting of its final drive gears. On investigation, it was found that severe misalignment caused by a combination of installation inaccuracies and deflections under load was the cause of the problem. A crowned gear tooth profile was recommended together with re-alignment of the gearbox. Subsequent monitoring of the gear tooth condition confirmed that the rectification had been successful.