Mining Industry

Here we look at some of the solutions we have implemented within the Mining Industry.

Coal mine conveyor bearing failure

The main conveyor from a large coal mine suffered a major bearing failure of a large 1.6m diameter rolling bearing, which caused a total cessation of production valued at approximately £1 million per day.

A rapid response by Neale Consulting Engineers identified the cause to be a combination of design and manufacturing deficiencies. We were also requested to act as independent advisors in the assessment of replacement bearing designs offered by bearing manufacturers.

Design of Hydraulic Motors to Run on Plain Water

Conventional oil hydraulic motors have very short lives if run on plain water, but there is a great need for plain water operation in mining and other applications.

A design study was carried out to establish the optimum configuration, dimensions and materials for a plain water motor. The requirements were high torque at low speed so a radial piston configuration was chosen.