Petrochemical and Process Plant

This post shows some examples of where we have made an impact on improving Petrochemical and Process plant.

Process & Petro Chemical Plant

Providing a rapid response as a result of equipment problems within the process and petrochemical industry is essential and we have the flexibility and depth of resource to provide this service. We have wide experience of solving problems with most types of moving machinery, including compressors, turbines, pumps and fans, gearboxes, and mechanical handling plant.

Screw Compressor Failures – Process Plant

Repeating failures of screw compressors on a South African process plant manufacturing PVC monomer, led to the imminent decision to totally cease production of this product after two independent consultants had failed to identify the problem and provide a solution. Before taking this decision, Senior Management brought in Neale Consulting Engineers.

The real cause of the failures was quickly identified and within two weeks a solution was proposed that enabled full production to be restored.

Novel Process Plant Design Audit

A UK chemical processing company commissioned a novel plant design which included a flexibly mounted 700 tonne reaction vessel. Minor failures of the pipework led to concerns of the overall integrity of the plant and the suitability of the vessel support.

The design and actual vibration levels were audited by Neale Consulting Engineers who were able to conclude that the installation had several deficiencies which, if resolved, would enable the plant to perform safely. The investigation pre-empted a potential legal action between the various contractors and designers of the plant and led to the problems being resolved expediently.