Water Treatment

This article looks at some of the projects Neale Consulting Engineers have done with machinery and plant from the Water Industry.

Aeration Plant Gearbox Failures

Gearbox failures were occurring on the aeration plant in London’s main sewage treatment facility. Neale Consulting Engineer’s investigation concluded that the gearbox design was insufficiently robust and also was prone to damage due to contaminant ingress. In particular, the sealing / breathing arrangements and the coupling of motor to gearbox was inadequate for the duty and environmental conditions.

We produced a technical specification for the procurement of a large number of new units together with detailed assessments of all tender responses. 2 out of 5 proposals were recommended as being suitable for the application.

Water Treatment Screw Jack Wear

Premature wear of the nut of a screw jack assembly used to operate sluice gates in a water treatment plant was occurring.

The investigation identified that the cause of the rapid wear rate was due to the unsatisfactory quality surface finish of the stationary stainless steel screw. All screws were therefore returned to the original manufacturers for re-machining or replacement.

Waste Water Gearboxes – Egypt

Gearboxes used on large Archimedes screw pumps for waste water transfer in Egypt were suffering from pitting and spalling of some gear teeth.

The investigation concluded that the primary cause was surface damage due to poor lubrication which had occurred sometime beforehand when the gearboxes operated without oil coolers. The use of replacement gears was recommended.