An Introductory Guide To Industrial Tribology

The series is designed to be suitable for practising engineers and technicians in industry, for design engineers and those responsible for specifying plant, for engineering consultants who may need to set their specialist knowledge within wider engineering context, and for teachers, researchers, and students.”

Tribology covers all aspects of friction, lubrication and wear. It has thus an impact on all machines, and some understanding of the subject is necessary to enable these to function satisfactory.

The main emphasis of this book is on the practical aspects of lubrication and wear as they affect the engineer. The prime objective is to provide the practising engineer with a grasp of the basic mechanisms involved in sliding and rolling contacts between solid surfaces, as well as the basic principles of lubrication without the need for an extensive study of theory. The book aims to give the engineer a ‘feel’ for the subject, while at the same time providing sufficient practical information to meet his day-to-day needs.

Subject matter covered in this book:

  • Friction and boundary lubrication.
  • Fluid film lubrication.
  • Lubricants.
  • Lubricants in service.
  • Selection of bearing type.
  • Rolling bearings.
  • Methods of lubrication.
  • Fire and explosion hazards with mineral lubricating oils.
  • Dynamic seals.
  • Wear.

Author:   J. D. Summers-Smith

Publisher:   Professional Engineering Publishing

ISBN:  0 85298 896 6