Component Failures, Maintenance and Repair

A Tribology Handbook

This handbook gives practical guidance on component failures, maintenance and repair in a form intended to provide easy and rapid reference. It provides useful practical guidance for engineers concerned with plant maintenance and also design and development engineers in industry. It is based on material published in the 2nd edition of the Tribology Handbook .

Each section has been written by an author who is an expert in the field and who in addition to understanding the related basic principles, also has extensive practical experience in his subject area.

Subject matter covered in this publication:


  • Failure patterns and failure analysis
  • plain bearing failures
  • rolling bearing failures
  • gear failures
  • piston and ring failures
  • wire rope failures
  • brake and clutch failures
  • fretting problems.


  • Maintenance methods
  • condition monitoring
  • operating temperature limits
  • vibration analysis
  • performance analysis
  • allowable wear limits.


  • Wear resistant materials
  • repair of plain bearings
  • repair of friction surfaces
  • industrial flooring materials.

Editor:   M. J. Neale

Publisher:  Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN:  0 7506 0989 X