Couplings and Shaft Alignment

Couplings and Shaft Alignment is concerned with the various types of flexible coupling which can be used to transmit power between the shafts of rotating machines, and with the alignment of those shafts.

The need for a book such as this was identified by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, and its clear objective is to provide positive practice guidance to engineers dealing with shaft couplings for the transmission of power, and concerned with the related problem of shaft alignment.

The book contains eleven chapters, the first two being concerned with the raison d’etre of flexible couplings, and the factors to be considered when making a preliminary selection.  The next five chapters deal in depth with the five major types of coupling, namely gear couplings, multiple membrane couplings, contour disc couplings, elastomeric element couplings, and quill shaft couplings.  Chapter 8 discusses alignment, and chapter 9 is concerned with machine train dynamics.  Methods of mounting couplings onto shafts are dealt with in chapter 10, and the final chapter is concerned with accessories, such as guards and monitoring equipment.

Subject matter covered in this publication:

  • An approach to coupling selection
  • Preliminary choice
  • Gear couplings
  • Multiple membrane couplings
  • Contoured disc couplings
  • Elastomeric element couplings
  • Quill shaft couplings
  • Alignment
  • Effect on machine train dynamics
  • Hub mounting

Author:  Michael Neale, Paul Needham, Roger Horrell

Publisher:  Professional Engineering Publishing

ISBN:  1 86058 170 6