Drives and Seals

This handbook gives practical guidance on drives and seals in a form intended to provide easy and rapid reference. It is based on material published in the 2nd edition of the Tribology Handbook.

Each section has been written by an author who is expert in the field and who in addition to understanding the related basic principles, also has extensive practical experience in his subject area.

Subject matter covered in this publication:

Rotary drives:

  • Belt drives
  • roller chain drives
  • gears
  • flexible couplings
  • self synchronising clutches
  • one way clutches
  • friction clutches
  • brakes.
  • Linear drives:

Linear drives:

  • Screws:
  • cams and followers
  • wheels rails and tyres
  • capstans and drums
  • wire ropes
  • control cables
  • damping devices
  • piston rings
  • cylinders and liners.


  • Selection of seals
  • sealing against dirt and dust
  • oil flinger rings and drain grooves
  • labyrinths, brush seals and throttling bushes
  • lip seals
  • mechanical seals

Editor:  M. J. Neale

Publisher:  Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN:  0 7506 0981 8