Engineering Measurements – Methods and Intrinsic Errors

Engineering measurements – Methods and Intrinsic errors provides a valuable insight into the equipment and methods generally used in taking measurements, and helps engineers avoid or minimise the inaccuracies that can arise even when using highly accurate instruments.

Many of the commonly used measurement methods are described, together with their pitfalls and problems. The authors also incorporate plenty of useful, practical examples. This is designed to fill a gap in the literature on the subject, and incorporates knowledge obtained from years of practical experience in industry and R & D.

Subject matter covered in this publication:

  • The human element.
  • Position, speed and acceleration measurement.
  • Force, torque, stress and pressure measurement.
  • Temperature measurement.
  • Fluid flow measurement.
  • Electrical measurements and instrumentation.
  • Measuring properties of materials.
  • Surface profile, friction and wear measurements.
  • Internal combustion engine testing.

Authors:   T. A. Polak and C. Pande

Publisher:  Professional Engineering Publishing

ISBN:  1 86058 236 2