Flexible Couplings

Proceedings of the International Conference on Flexible Couplings for High Powers and Speeds. 29th June – 1st July 1972.

Michael Neale and Associates (now Neale Consulting Engineers) organised thisth this Conference, following work carried out for the Central Electricity Generating Board surveying published information on flexible couplings, and also of experience of problems occurring with them in a wide range of industries.These studies were aimed at producing a practical summary of the current technology of flexible couplings for use in the selection, design, performance estimation, and specification of flexible couplings for use in Power Stations.

The production of a suitable guidance document in fact required a number of additional studies to be conducted in order to fill gaps in existing knowledge, and to relate practical experience to existing theories.  For example, notable advances were achieved in the understanding of gear couplings.

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Subject matter covered in this publication:

Gear Couplings

  • Design principles and lubrication of gear couplings
  • Materials for gear couplings
  • Forces generated by gear couplings
  • Principal engineering features required by high performance gear couplings
  • Marine gear type couplings in service

Multiple Membrane Couplings

  • Design principles of flexible element couplings
  • Laminated membrane couplings for high power and speed
  • The design and application of flexible metallic membrane couplings
  • Multiple membrane couplings in the Royal Navy

Disc Couplings

  • Contoured flexible diaphragm couplings
  • Verification of metal diaphragm coupling performance

Factors In Coupling Selection

  • The effects of couplings upon the vibration of rotating machinery
  • The comparative performance of coupling types

Operating Experience

  • Flexible coupling experience in the process industry
  • Experiences with flexible couplings on high speed boiler feed pump drives

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