Guide To Condition Monitoring of Machinery

The condition of machines can be monitored by a number of fairly simple techniques, and the resulting knowledge used for planning machine operation and maintenance in order to improve both safety and economy.

The purpose of this guide is to help industrial companies decide whether condition monitoring could with advantage be applied to their equipment; to indicate what its application would involve; and to give some idea of the financial savings.

The large technical section provides detailed guidance on how to select and apply the various techniques, and on the interpretation of the results obtained.

Subject matter covered in this publication:

  • Principles and economics of condition monitoring.
  • The selection of condition monitoring techniques.
  • Setting up and operating a condition monitoring system.
  • Condition monitoring methods and their interpretation.
  • Vibration monitoring.
  • Wear debris and contaminant monitoring.

Prepared by:  Michael Neale and Associates

Publisher:   Department of Trade and Industry

ISBN:  0 11 512126 9

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