Piston Ring Design

A survey of information from research on piston rings and its application to design. This survey is now out of date in terms of detailed information on materials and coatings, but nevertheless contains a great deal of useful information on the principles of design and operation of piston rings.


Methods and Design of Piston Assemblies

  • Performance requirements.
  • Typical design arrangements and development methods.
  • Detail design and the piston and of the rings.
  • Choice of materials.
  • Coatings and finishes.

The Mechanisms of Piston Ring Operation

  • Sealing and blow-by.
  • The nature of the ring/cylinder contact.
  • Oil transfer and control.
  • Normal wear processes.
  • Scuffing and other running-in problems.
  • Materials, surface treatments and finishes.
  • The application to design of the available research information on the operation of piston rings and cylinder liners.

Publisher:   Deparment of Trade and Industry

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