Neale Consulting Engineers act as Expert Witnesses, both in the UK and overseas.

We have given evidence in court cases, arbitrations, and mediations. 

Our specialist expertise is in tribology and machinery design, but our investigations and our reporting frequently include other engineering aspects, such as metallurgy, vibration, metal fatigue, maintenance etc. – all areas in which we as mechanical engineers have familiarity and knowledge.

In addition to machine failure disputes, we have been asked to give evidence in Patent disputes involving machinery, and also personal injury and accident cases.

Our advice and opinion is based on engineering interpretation of the facts.  The duty of the Expert Witness is to assist the Court, and to provide an impartial and unbiased opinion.

The majority of our assignments do not proceed to a hearing, but are settled, often after the exchange of Expert reports.  We encourage clients to engage us early in the dispute to provide an initial technical opinion, which can help in resolving the case.

Examples of our work

A few examples of Expert Witness assignments are listed below, illustrating the diversity of investigations that we have carried out. If a matter involves machinery, large or small, we may be able to help.

  • Building hoist fatal accident
  • Ship main engine crankcase explosion
  • Fairground machinery accidents
  • Disputed performance of a scrap metal processing plant
  • Aircraft crash investigations
  • Patent dispute on a cosmetic hair removal device
  • Destruction by fire of an industrial shredder machine. 
  • Metal particle found in packaged food product
  • Disputed repair costs on a large industrial gearbox.